I’m gonna get free

I don’t know if I really am set free, maybe the title is misleading. I mean, I know spiritually I am striving for that, I have committed my life to the Lord and am thankful for each day I am on earth. I know that one day I will meet my Maker and it will be glorious.


I secretly curse the girl that gives me a dirty look or the client that hangs up on me out of pure rudeness. I lust after the hot dude in the BMW that is stuck at the stop light with me. I try not to get caught up in gossip but find myself checking TMZ every hour and making judgments on people I will probably never meet. I listen to Pastor Miles McPherson every night to catch up on previous messages I might have missed, while getting buzzed on Merlot. I totally understand the hypocrisy but am hoping step-by-step I will overcome and become a better image of God as he intended me to be…hopefully sometime before I die.

There is one thing I am so far unwavering in, and that is faith. And in that faith I have found freedom.

Here’s my theme song for getting set free of the troubles of the world, ha!
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