New Year Resolutions?

Here we go, the onslaught of promises that “this year is going to be different.”

People always get so cynical about change. I don’t know if its a lack of faith in themselves, in others, in change…. or a fear of change. Maybe a definite lack of faith in God. Around this time I always see and hear people putting down the thought of a New Years Resolution. 
“What’s the point, everyone forgets by February anyway.”
I asked my younger coworker if she had any goals for the upcoming year. I had previously heard her say the exact same anti-resolution  things I have mentioned above to another coworker last week–that coworker tends to endulge the negative, at times. But I was curious to know if my younger coworker, who is by all means very goal-oriented, intelligent, and self-aware, would have the same response if that negative feedback was removed.
Her response was more of what I expected to hear. “It sounds so corny,” she scrunched up her face, embarrassed. I encouraged her to tell me anyway and then I’d tell her mine, haha. She goes, “Ugh, it just sounds so dumb but really, you know what….2014: new year, new me. I’m just really going to work on myself.” I thought that was awesome. We talked about the new year being like a reset button. A nice pause in the calendar to start anew. I told her I didn’t think it was stupid and we talked some more.
It made me think a lot about my own goals this year. Of course, eat healthy, work out more, study my Bible more, spend more time with friends/family, work on writing more, work harder and better at my job, grow in my relationship with Christ, etc. And I realized, I need to get rid of the negativity in my life, too. And that negativity changes from day to day. Sometimes, its a person at work, sometimes its a stranger being a jerk, sometimes its my own bad self-talk.
The negativity says: its not worth it, just give up. You’re never going to be who you want to be, stop kidding yourself. Sometimes its other people saying: well thats a little ambitious of you, don’t you think? Do you really think you’re going to succeed?
But you know who is always there even if I do stumble and fall? God. God is the overpowering positive I need to focus on and not all the negativity of the world and in myself.
So, in an attempt to purge myself from the spiritually negative, I will be physically removing the negative! I am starting Daniel’s Fast on January 5th to purge myself of unhealthy and toxic eating (lifestyle) habits and filling myself with prayer and the Holy Spirit to develop a deeper loving relationship with God.
Also, I randomly read Proverbs 31:10-31 and thought, I want to be a woman/wife like that someday. Only with God’s grace will that happen but hey, its something to work towards, right?
There was also a part of Proverbs (31:4-7) that talks about not drinking. Hmm….haha after all the wine I’ve drank this much I think I’m going to take that into consideration as well.
Do you have a New Year resolution?