Random Post About Absolutely Nothing – A Seinfeld Post, if you will.

Just a heads up if you decide to follow my blog, not everything is going to be about Christianity. Some of it is just going to be about my boring life and the weird thoughts that I feel I need to express to the vastness of internet where I can avoid weird direct looks from strangers or friends/family. Sometimes even a looks of concern. Ooops. Haha.

Today has been somewhat productive. I babied myself out of this stupid cold that I managed to catch somehow and was able to get out of bed by 8 am to shower and get ready for the day. But not before cranking up my heater so much that it felt like summer. One of the worst things is stepping out of a hot shower into a cold bathroom. BLAH. So yeah, maybe I went a little overboard with the heater but either way, it made the transition better for my immune system I’m sure. Or something. I don’t know.

I listened to the Rock SD message while I cleaned up my apartment and got ready to go to the Rock here in Riverside since I’ve never been and should really find a good church closer to home. Good intentions, bad planning. I misread the service times and missed it. So I was bummed and I plopped down on my futon (I’m so classy, haha) deciding what I should do next.

I’ve been feeling kind of down on myself lately because I feel like… I look like, blah. You know, I haven’t been shopping in a long time, I stopped working out and eating right, and I got into this physical rut where I just don’t really do anything to physically improve myself. Since 2014 is right around the corner I decided to splurge a little and get some new outfits.

Now, my mindset is that I should probably get some warm clothes because I don’t really have much besides jeans and a jacket that I wear with blouses I have from summer. So of course that’s my mindset. Winter shopping. My feet walked me right over to the sales rack though and I ended up walking out with three dresses, two blouses, and ONE sweater. Winter shopping – FAIL. Haha, oh well. I did get some boots, though! That’s gotta count.

So after I bought a bunch of unnecessary but super cute clothing, I got some colored pens to go with my new Moleskine planner that I LOVE! Does anyone else still use paper planners?

 I know everyone uses their phones now or Google Calendar but I really can never get over the feel of having a planner in my hand and writing things down in it. Its the same concept I have of books, I have a Nook (well, had one before my ex boyfriend broke it…) but I found that I kept buying hard copy books anyway. Call me old fashioned, I guess. (And yes, I do still have journals that I hand write in :))

On my way home, I passed by my sister’s neighborhood. That neighborhood is really nice and PERFECT for walking/jogging. I saw a couple of people on it as I drove by. Its in a nice quiet neighborhood and pretty long and steep and right on the street my sister’s apartment is on. So I texted her and told her that I should come by after work everyday and we need to start walking that street everyday (wow that sounds bad, huh? Walking the street? You know what I mean!)

Around that time I got kinda hungry and since I’m avoiding all terrible fast foods and even pretend-healthy fast foods, I came home and made some whole grain pasta with an olive oil/garlic/basil/lemon sauce. I got to say, I was pretty impressed with it! I hardly ever cook for some reason (I literally lived without a refrigerator for two months and didn’t miss it) but whenever I do I find that I usually underestimate how easy cooking is. I think the only thing I’ve ever tried to cook that I just could not get the hang of is chicken tenders. I remember the breading I used I had oversalted and practically shriveled up trying to eat one. So I tried again, the SAME night, and then they just came out soggy and gross tasting. I didn’t trust eating them so I just threw them out.

So all in all, its been a nice day. Its been windy but a beautiful day. Its nice every once in a while just to take a time out and do the things you’ve been putting off for yourself. I’m excited to look like a weirdo wearing a dress when its 50 degrees out but I guess that’s what leggings and boots are for!

Hope everyone had a great Sunday.

And seriously, does anyone still use a real planner? Did anyone read this? Haha 🙂