Please, please, please, let me get what I want.

Haha I don’t like the Smiths but that song always pops into my mind when I should be praying for God’s will in my life. (If I were the perfect Christian!!!! Haaa….)
So basically, I have a favorite tenant that I just moved in. She’s awesome and we make Jesus jokes and want to go to the Rock in Riverside. We like rescuing dogs and Riverside…… and I hope she gets better and I hope she finds solace in God’s arms because she lost so many people this year. I hope next year is “better.” I hope we get to go to church together sometime, I feel kinda alone in that aspect.
Also, my coworker got into a car accident. She’s mostly OK but in a neck brace and on bed rest. Her son was in the car with her but THANK GOD he’s ok. i wonder if he’ll remember when he’s older. I hope and pray she and the guy that ran into her are ok. She’s on a bunch of meds so maybe not the nicest person via text right now  (sorry!! I didn’t know you weren’t in….) but she’s a good person I think and I’m glad her injuries are giving her time to rest.
Also, I’m really avoiding what I’m really hoping for because well, I’d just be sad if I didn’t get it.
Oh hey, I caught a cold just two days ago. Almost escaped 2013 unscathed by a common illness but my immune system took care of that. *Hoping* it does not turn into laryngitis like it usually does. Maybe God is just telling me to shut up.
And mostly, I’m hoping, I’m praying…. if Lord, you want me to do what I think I was placed here to do, let me know with this ministry. It would be a blessing to me that I will definitely not know what to do with, but I hope you trust me with it. And if you don’t, I don’t blame you.
I hate even talking about what I want because it usually never happens.
I don’t think there are but…..Are there superstitions with God?