The 1st Miracle of 2014


Day 2 of my fast and day 6 of the year and already God has provided me with a great miracle that has deeply enriched my life.  For the past several months I have been struggling with strained relationships at work, one in particular.  (This was right around the time my romantic relationship also took a dive.)  I came into work everyday praying to find peace but I know now my heart was not in the right place.  I was burnt out and tired of being taken for granted and this turned into resentment and hostility toward everyone.

So of course, this resulted in people treating me this way. Its a vicious cycle! But already, we have made HUGE strides in regaining an amicable and peaceful work relationship. I am SO thankful and grateful for this because it has been so emotionally draining to come into a job I enjoy and sense friction around me.  And believe it or not, its also not a good feeling to be the source of friction for someone else!

I thank God for this because it truly makes everyday better, and  I really consider my coworkers some of my closest friends (I mean, c’mon I have to see them 8 hours everyday!) so its truly a blessing that things are improving.

Now I know that it wasn’t all one-sided: just as it takes two people to make a relationship work, it takes two people to make a relationship crash and burn, and fail miserably.