Day 5: Still Here!

My Lunch Yesterday: Whole grain pasta, olive oil, basil, and
cherry tomatoes!
Fast has been going well. I felt a little tired the first day but I haven’t had any insane cravings that I couldn’t handle. Well, that God couldn’t see me through. 😉 Seriously, prayer and meditation on the Bible has been so fulfilling I am soo happy I was urged to do the Daniel Fast.
As far as everything else, I am more at peace with a lot of things. At this point I think I am so engulfed in the Word that I have not been paying much attention to other things, with the exception of that ex-boyfriend I had mentioned in a previous post. Something about that situation (which is now almost two months old) is bothering me in my heart and I cannot figure out what it is.  It isn’t a longing or a resentment…its almost more of a worry, anxiety, a negative amusement.  I have been praying to God about it, to remove these negative thoughts that have appeared out of nowhere for apparently no reason. I don’t know how to explain it but its an ugly, ugly feeling in which neither I or the ex have anything to gain. Its weird!!!
That was a terrible entry, obsure and unproductive but I felt the need to put it out there. Back to work! (And snacking on organic apples and all natural peanut butter :P)