Day 11: Still Blessed, Still Single

My fast has been going well.  Its actually funny that it coincides with my work hosting “The Biggest Loser” competition, I happen to be in the lead having lost 6 lbs since last week.  I don’t feel like I did but I guess I did.  Everyone is a little amused that I’ve managed to stay on this meatless-dairyless-sugarless-unprocessed food “diet” but honestly, when you pray about it all day it gets to be less about “you” and the food you can’t have and more and more about my Savior and my blessings.  That being said, I totally made eye contact with chocolate and pastries in the break room a little too long today…. but I was happy to come home to my all natural peanut butter. 😉

This weekend was possibly the most difficult because I decided to stop being a hermit and got to hang out with a few of my friends.  In the process of doing that, I ran into some gentlemen that previously talked to  me and that I was getting to know dating-wise.  Honestly, I’m so burnt out on dating that my expectations are pretty low and I just enjoy getting to know these guys without any pressure of thinking I’m going to have another failed relationship on my hands.  Most guys are pretty perceptive to this and enjoy just talking and getting to know one another.  And when we just aren’t “clicking” its easy to say, “Okay, well it was nice meeting you!”  And a casual wave will suffice if you have to run into them again. No biggie.

Its really cool that most people, guys in particular, are respectful of the fact I am fasting and aren’t trying to get me belligerently drunk.  I guess you don’t run into a lot of girls at bars that say they’re sticking to water and lemon because they’re fasting, as they twirl their cross necklace between their fingers, haha.  Its been a very interesting experience however because I’m not someone that is naturally evangelical and trying to save everyone.  In fact, I’m pretty reserved about it in some ways (I know, I know, this is no way to be) because I remember being scared of Christians preaching at me and judging me.  So I don’t throw it in everyone’s faces, but I definitely don’t shy away from sharing my faith when they ask me.

So this weekend, I had some very good conversations with a couple of these guys that I found to really be curious about Christianity.  Maybe they just know me and they’re curious to know what caused this girl with a questionable moral record to become to dedicated and faithful to Christianity.  Its nice to talk about it with people that don’t really identify with any faith because I can tell that they are searching.  And they too want answers.  Sometimes I wish I could be more help and sometimes I wish we could just go to church together.  Either way, I just love that there is a possibility of growing in love with someone in Christianity.

Until then, I’ll stick to my fast and to my Bible and my disjointed blog posts.