Christianity isn’t cool. It’s punk rock.

Hi, I’m Vanessa and I’m here to tell you that Christianity is cool & punk rock.

If you’re like me, you’re in my age-range. 😛

If you’re in my target group or have children of my target group, you know how cool punk is. Rebellion is beautiful. It leads away from what your traditional role is in your family, with your friends, in your work place…. It makes you determine what your own identity is. I think this is why so many people flock to it and definitely (my friends and I) flocked to it while we were growing up. We liked the subcultures better than the suburbia we were growing up in. We appreciated different viewpoints and observations and soaked in new culture like a sponge.  We knew what the middle class looked like and we didn’t want to be those material-obsessed people so we sunk to the bottom and slummed it on the streets and slept in motel rooms and begged for change.

Christianity ain’t that different.

In this society, being a part of a society where everyone is welcome and loved, well… that’s just absurd. You don’t want a part of that. In this society, being judgmental and jealous gets you everywhere you want. In this society, keeping morals is boring and that just means you aren’t experimenting enough. In this society, being rude shows you have a backbone and being nice means you have morals. In this society, Christianity isn’t cool. But it is.

In fact, that’s all it is. If you think about it, Christ was a pretty chill dude. He didn’t let anybody get to him, he didn’t gossip, he ain’t talking shit about you, he isn’t gonna rip you off, he isn’t even going to think you’re a bad person because you suck, he’s just loving and here to listen and love you.  The best part is he’s setting an example for everyone else to follow suit. He was like, “Yeah go ahead kill me, its gonna save those foo’s over derrr… worth it!” He’s like, “OK, everyone be as chill as me and make sure you guys don’t judge people or treat them meanly, make sure you are always loving. K?” Like, he’s on your side even though you’re probably a huge d-bag.

I guess what I’m getting at is that Jesus was sorta punk rock.