Creatively Constipated.

There is no special reason for the lack of updates on my blog. Wouldn’t it have been great if I had been living some super adventurous, risky, fun, love-filled, amazing, interesting, eye-opening, soul-searching life this whole time in between blog posts?

It’s been “meh”

I will shamefully confess I have flipped through about 35 notes of ideas for blog posts I have accumulated over the course of the last three months tonight because I’m bored and I have to wake up redonkulously early tomorrow so I don’t have much else to do besides try to entertain myself with a blog.

Look at me. Look at that run-on sentence. Oh my gosh, my high school AP English teacher, Ms. Neal would be mortified right now.

Needless to say, I’m out of my rhythm for probably more than enough reasons to know that there is not one good reason that I haven’t written lately. And that I probably shouldn’t be writing now.

Or even worse that I have nothing to write about..

I have 35 notes of ideas, damn it. I should be able to write a good post.

Guess I’ll keep writing until I get to a good one. I refuse to be bullied by writers block. I’ll try to write once a day for the next three days. Take that.

Thanks, *hair flip*