Gay Marriage is a TOTAL WIN for Christians everywhere!

Part of feminism is humanism, a thought that everyone should be treated equally regardless of sex, race, orientation, and the other billion protected classes that California has come up with. I am all for it, too. I don’t think that it’s OK that someone gets mistreated or misses out on opportunities because of their skin color or who they prefer to kiss, I just don’t. So when I say what I say next, don’t get all “Oh, she’s one of them” on me.

I really don’t care about gay marriage. I don’t care who people date. I don’t care who they marry. I don’t think that being gay is a choice any more than being born brown is a choice. I can barely control what is going on in my own life, how in the world does that give me authority to try controlling what goes on in other people’s lives? That just seems like a job way above my pay grade, and nothing I’d look forward to volunteering for. And while I think marriage is a beautiful thing, I don’t think it’s the end all, be all, for two people who love each other especially because for a long time biracial couples weren’t allowed to marry and neither were gay people. (Boyfriend, better watch out. If marriage is this big of a deal to people, I might just get on the bandwagon.)

I try to get myself to care, but it’s hard when I don’t and I feel like I’m being bombarded by it everywhere. On the news, in church, in the streets, in entertainment, I can’t even.

But then came the Christians.

The Christians that pronounced outright that they would light themselves on fire if gay marriage became legal. The Christians that pronounced the end of the world because of gay’s marital status. The Christians that used the word ‘sin’ and ‘abomination’ more than the words ‘love’ and ‘salvation’. The Christians that used a worldly courts judgment about love and marriage as an example to show RELIGION under attack instead of using this opportunity to show JESUS’ LOVE to the world.

How many times have you saved a person by unfurling a scroll at their feet with their sins that you’ve counted? How many times have you saved a person by unfurling a scrolling at their feet with the sinks you’ve committed? No one wants to hear about how they are bad. Everyone wants to know what they can do to be good.

Ever heard a Christian pray that they could become a better Christian?

The Almighty Lord has answered your prayers with this gay marriage controversy. NOW is your time, Christians, love everyone like you were supposed to because Jesus loved you despite what you’ve done and who you are. Love people and show them compassion, not because they’re gay and you think you’re doing them a Christian favor, but because you were commanded to love everyone despite everything, because God loves YOU despite everything.

What is the worst that is going to happen? God knows where your heart is, he isn’t going to say “You can’t sit with us!” because he saw you helping out a homosexual. Like, that is legit ridiculous.