Not a clever title.

So, I didn’t die after starting school, I’ve just been SO busy.

School is awesome and I remembered how much I love learning. I’ve set deadlines and have been really good about sticking to them. I’m not procrastinating and I’m learning SO much. Its definitely nice to challenge myself in a new way.

I also totally failed at my 90 meetings in 90 days (see this post) but I’m totally fine with that because I ended up finding 4 solid meetings that I can attend with my schedule. I’ve even gotten involved with helping out at some of the meetings which is cool and a great way I’ve gotten to meet new people.

I am starting a new blog called Reject the Riot ( and I’m really excited to start this new project and see how it can affect lives. I have little to no idea what I am doing but it’s a good place to be because I’m letting God take the lead.

Work is going fabulous and I really learn to love my job and the opportunities it presents daily, I learn something new everyday. I work with fabulous people that I consider more as friends than coworkers and that also teach me new things about myself.

I’ve started incorporating more “me” time and going to concerts, trips, and social events more often. This is totally a huge change from the workaholic I was just a few months ago. I appreciate the amazing friends I have that invite me to these places. And again, my job, that allows me to take days off to enjoy life!

I met with the judge presiding over my cases recently for a progress hearing and she is totally proud of me and supportive and even removed an obligation I had beacuse she is concerned of how much I have on my plate! I went in prepared to plead guilty to a violation of probation and she was like, “Nope.” God watched over me that day!

A couple of things I’m working on right now: budgeting and health and my new blog.

My health has been suffering mainly because of such a poor diet that I was keeping while having such a busy schedule. I’m working on not eating out so much so that I can also save money. I had a gym membership but its practically impossible to fit a solid gym hour into my schedule. I did it for a few weeks but then homework started taking over all my free time so I cancelled my membership. My next goal is to get enough discipline to wake up early and go running. We shall see!

Budgeting is one of those love/hate things. I love it because it makes me feel good to know I can stash away some money after paying my bills but I hate it because I’d rather spend that money on other stuff. As of now, I am sucking badly at saving But I have other obligations I’d also like to get out of the way such as old student loan debts and credit cards and debts I’ve run away from while I was wrecking my life. My goal is to face the facts and get debt free in 2017, even if that means eating sandwiches for 12 months.

My new blog is something that I’m super excited about and I think will help many people. Its very different from this blog and will be very recovery-based as opposed to this blog which is about nothing, really. Haha. The obstacle I’m running into is that everyone has a story to share but they either don’t know how to start or are afraid of how it will seem. I really want to make it a blog to celebrate personal growth through a spiritual means and I know it can happen I just need God to tell me how. As of now, I’m just going to be patient.

I’m really trying to find a balance between everything in my life. It’s nothing I ever could have dreamed I would be able to do even a year ago. Old me would be so overwhelmed right now. I am sooo loving this new life, though. It feels remarkable, productive, and meaningful. I am so blessed for all the people I have in my life, too. And all the guidance I get from people I really look up to.

Anybody have suggestions for good studying music?