Happy New Year!! . . . Am I a little early?

It was a cold and uh, freezing California winter night. It was like, 60 degrees out. Six hot girls in tight dresses and ridiculous heels packed themselves into a 5-seater car to get to the party. It was like, Tetris, maneuvering to make sure all our limbs were inside the car. We didn’t even know where our limbs were.  Make-up was on point, though. We were perfumed goddesses ready for a good time. We were sober and leaving our drug and alcohol treatment center for the night. Each of us had to get passes signed by our counselor to stay out past curfew so we could ring in the New Year until 12:30 am. We were on fiya.

We climb and stumble over each other to get out of the car in front of the men’s rehabilitation center. There’s a crowd of people smoking outside. There’s some music being played in the background. Everyone is dressed to the nines. This is gonna be a good night, we all thought.

Me, basically.

We step inside and there were chairs everywhere, too many chairs if you ask me. Everyone was sitting. The room was brightly lit, awkward. How am I supposed to throw my bad dance moves on the floor if everyone can see me? Gross. Coffee was being sold for $2 a cup and you had to save your cup. What? What’s so special about my styrofoam cup. Gross. The music was like, wtf. I felt like I was at a kid’s party.

Nobody mingled. We just sat around awkwardly looking at each other, sober. Sober, guys.


Fast forward, and I’m still sober but this year, I want to go ALL OUT. So I’m asking for some help:
I’ve started a GoFundMe account to fundraise for an event — a sober New Year’s Bash. Can you help?

Click the link for more info and more in-depth story about WHY this event is SO IMPORTANT to me and the recovery COMMUNITY: