No, I won’t sit nice and be quiet.

You guys, I’m totally obsessed with making something happen.

The feedback I keep getting on my Reject the Riot thing is amazing and the views are steady yet growing.

Vanz Set Free has been such a lovely little sleepy blog that I figured I’d just make another sleepy blog with RTR. But, it’s not. It is loud and awake and ready to take on the world.

It doesn’t want to sit nice and be quiet.

I’m embarking on a whole new huge journey with the website that I’m both terrified and excited by (my favorite combination.) Really, I’m trying to make it as big as possible doing things I’ve never done before and trying to learn more about start-ups (uhhh, despite the fact that I work for one full-time, there’s still a lot to learn.)

I am TOTALLY ready and willing to fall flat on my face for this website. So, we’ll see what happens.

Speaking of falling flat on my face, I’m totally convinced that my super fun NYE art bash isn’t going to happen. 😦 Don’t tell anyone though, I’m not supposed to be negative about my own project.

I have all the things lined up but no money to make them happen. It makes me sad. All day.

 If anyone has a rich aunt or sugar daddy that will donate to a good cause like a sober art celebration, please send them my way.

Or just share this link with them:

And then give him a giant hug from me and tell them they’re my hero. 😥