It makes no sense but this is grace.

“Your ways are higher,
Your thoughts are wilder.
Love came like madness,
Poured out in blood-wash romance.
It makes no sense,
But this is grace.”

You know what doesn’t make sense? My life.

I love this song because it describes a God very different that what I originally imagined. I always imagined this cool, laid-back, power that just maneuvers stuff around like Tetris to fit the best. Like, “Don’t worry, I got this covered.” *magical hand wave*

I put Him in a box.

This song describes a God that is rampant in love and presence. He is here now.

His thoughts and plans for me and you are wilder than anything we could ever imagine, you guys. WILDER. I have some pretty wild thoughts, but he has even WILDER ones? His plans are greater, his love is stronger, his patience is kinder, his power is the greatest – that’s why I am where I am in my life today.

Last year for Thanksgiving, I was in jail watching girls sob over their deli meat turkey dinners. To have taken such a giant detour in all areas of my life is something that on my own will I could never have overcome. But with God’s will, I did.

This year, I get to spend my Thanksgiving week with co-workers, friends, roommates, and family that I didn’t get to enjoy last year.

I get to enjoy myself this year.

Most importantly, I have the freedom to worship whatever God I want.

He’s the one that keeps me sober, the one that keeps me loved. He’s the one that keeps me patient, the one that keeps me in faith.  He’s the one that keeps me grounded, the one that shows me anything is possible. He’s the one that’s here now, in this place, with his wild plans.

He’s just waiting for us to listen.

“Here now
All I know is I know that 
You are Here now
Still my heart
Let Your voice be all I hear now
Spirit breathe
Like the wind come have Your way”