Satellite mind

Happy 2017!! YAY!

And thanks for continuing to read Vanz Set Free.  🙂

I had a mini meltdown last year and thought that maybe I should just get rid of this blog but now I see, through many hours of prayer and meditation, that I actually need this blog.

This blog, while I enjoy you visiting, is not for you. This blog has never been about anyone but me. That sounds selfish and self-centered, right? But, well, let me tell you why I started this blog.

I started this blog because I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to fully immerse myself in what it’s like to write unedited, stretch my fingers over the keyboard, and be honest with myself.

But let’s be honest, there’s a lot of bullshit in there.

Anything before 2016 was pretty bullshitty. I was living a double-life. Seriously! I yearned to be free through my writing but I couldn’t be because I wasn’t being honest with myself.

So now, after the ShitShow of 2015 and ComeBack of 2016, I’m ready to be the RealDeal of 2017.

I want to live so authentically, it hurts. Because sometimes honesty does hurt.

This is something you may or may not know: I never edited my posts before.

You might think, oh how cool, that’s pretty raw. But NO. Because I never second-guessed that maybe I wasn’t being truthful and honest all the time. I didn’t re-read a paragraph and think, “C’mon Vanessa, you know that’s bullshit.”

This will be the year of editing.

This will be the year of REGULAR CONTENT, for God’s sake, please Vanessa write more often for your own sake….

And more than anything, this will be the year of GETTIN’ SHIT DONE.

I have a lot of court-ordered stuff that I’m getting up to speed on, I have debts I wanna pay, and things I want to write. I have steps I gotta take, and oh yeah, sobriety.

If you want to take this ride with me, you’re very welcome to!
If not, you probably aren’t missing much…besides my soon-to-be worldwide domination of authenticy. Booya.

K bye ❤