I wanna spread my dementia.

There is a negative to being positive all of the time.

Sometimes, your friends, they don’t want to tell you when they’re going through stuff.

I had a friend tell me that when he talks to me, he doesn’t want to bring up what he’s going through because the conversations with me are always so positive, he doesn’t want to be a bummer and bring it down.

To that, I say, BRING IT ON!

I am thrive on talking about things that make us sad, I really do. I talk about sad stuff in my head all of the time.

But then, I get over it.

It’s something I learned in jail (haha, I can say that now) to just really focus on what about the issue is making me sad, or angry, or resentful and to pray and meditate on it.

This is gonna sound super *fluffy* and like, dumb, but I seriously imagine putting the worry or sadness in a box and shipping it off to God. Just like, “here”.

Because God can do that! He just takes our bullshit away if we ask Him to.

Sometimes, he gives it back and is all like, “Uhh, you forgot to do your part first, missy.”

That’s usually when I need to fix something on my side. Like, I owe someone an apology or I have to get up and actually DO THE WORK to get something done. But then, it’s more clear.

I encourage you to talk to people about your problems, even if it is your happy-go-lucky friend that is overly positive because they more than likely wanna help spread their positivity into your life and help!