Welcome my friends to the little things that kill.

I have an insatiable desire to finish my book. Let’s call it an obsession. A flat-out, no holds barred MISSION to get this DONE. I truly do feel called to write it. Which sounds completely arrogant and egotistical.

God seems to keep reminding me of the hell he rescued me from, not as an “You owe me” but as in “Now, what else do you think I have in store for you?”

I have no idea but I know it is good.

My job? To obey. To follow the script. To keep faith. To keep my heart in check.

I can’t help but feel God when I am in nature. Here, He is clear. I am solid. We are intertwined.

Now, if He’d only give me the words to write this book….

Oh, the things we do for the One we love.