People are lovely.

Since being off social media and artfully avoiding writing, I have a lot of time to be around people I like.

Early in the week, I went to an amazing BBA meeting and got to see my sponsee and do stepwork. This is always a grounding meeting as it reminds me of how many people it took for me to have over a year sober and be joyous. Being able to share that message is soul-feeding in a way that few things are. Then I saw Sean and Kenny and they are just bundles of awesome and I thoroughly enjoy hugging them repeatedly and just smiling at them because they make my heart leap with joy.

Later in the week, I got to meet the amazingly talented storyteller and adventurer, James Spring. I appreciated his insight into the craft of writing, and creativity in general. Truly, I enjoy smart, funny, intelligent people that understand what they’ve learned about the human condition and are okay with the parts they don’t. Even though we’d had only brief conversations, I wasted no time in oversharing and acting as though I’d known this guy for years. The conversation was fulfilling.

Finally, I went to see Bernie Sanders at Waterfront Park. What an experience! I couldn’t find my friend Blythe because it turns out we were on opposite sides of the rally. But I did meet the amazing Eric Dean. I’m quite inspired by this lad and his passion and involvement in San Diego politics. He’s probably the only person on social media that I followed who truly seemed to grasp the complexity of politics (which I hate) and how it fits into the complexity of human issues. I always liked reading everything he posted and it was fun to chat with him. I wish good things for him in working with Bernie and helping veterans. After the excitement of the rally, Blythe and I reunited near a lady yelling about Mexico (that was our landmark) and enjoyed Thai food and even more fulfilling conversation and laughs.

I like people, I decided. Which is nice because I’m called to love them. And I think I do. I’m filled with love. What a blessing to cross paths with the souls on this planet who inspire and comfort me.