Jesus, you can’t sit with us.

Hi. It’s Good Friday! This is for the Believers. Everyone else… skip this, you’ll think it’s silly and weird.

My meditation this morning brought me to this: People were really mean to Jesus. (God keeps it short and simple when he speaks to me.)

Most people would agree that Jesus, as a man in history, existed.

What separates us as Christians, as ‘believers’ is that we believe Jesus is the Son of God.

So, would I believe that as I saw him tortured on a cross?

My natural God-given disposition has always been like, “Jesus sounds like a guy with groovy ideas, but I doubt he’s holy as he claims. Don’t kill him, tho.”

Maybe I would’ve just apathetically gone along with the crowd and been like, “I agree, he should be killed, he’s blasphemous, after all.”

At my worst, I’d act like Peter: I don’t know that Jesus dude, don’t want anything to do with him, I don’t know Jesus.

“I don’t know Jesus.”

It upsets me justalittle to know that the mob around me would probably influence me in some way! Don’t you know I think I’m special? I’m unique? A pretty little snowflake with her own peculiarities and opinions? So why does that fade when I’m in a crowd?

It is deeply ingrained in us as human beings living in a society to follow the culture around us. Maybe I would’ve fallen on the wrong side of history back then, but I certainly don’t want to today.

Which prompted me to ask these questions of myself and Believers, followers of a Savior, having been redeemed:

(we can worry about the heathens later, lolol jk jk I love heathens)

How can you serve others OUTSIDE of your natural “in-group”?

What does your heart say about homelessness?

Does your soul long for an accumulation of wealth?

If your heart apathetic to those living in poverty?

Is your body dependent on drugs or alcohol?

Maybe it’s an emotional dependence on an unhealthy relationship?

Is your identity rooted in your job title or zip code?

Are you justifying treating people badly in God’s name?

Are you relying on anything besides God to get through your day?

Are you relying on anything but God for your identity?

This isn’t to create a “good vs bad” dialogue or even a speech of “you can do better” because I’m not actually capable of knowing what your personal best is. I don’t even want to talk theology and history. Rather, I encourage you to take these conversations to God himself. That’s why Jesus died so we could have that open dialogue with a wise God that loves us and only wants the best for us and EMPOWERS us to do better for ourselves and our brothers and sisters in HIS name.

I’m sorry, but he didn’t DIE to “bless” you with a new car or a hefty raise or avoid jail time. You were created for something so much bigger than that. All you have to do is follow the will of a loving God over your own. You have the perfect opportunities to do so every day by rebuking the suspicion and hatred of this world and choosing not to participate in the idolatry of unimportant things. So do I.

He died on a cross as the sacrifice to atone for our pride, greed, meanness… He did that so we could EXPERIENCE God’s overwhelming love. Not to spit out scripture and hope that covers our ineptitude.

So, what are we doing with that Love?