Living life as art requires a readiness to forgive.

Trying to save the Salton Sea with meditation.

Living life as art requires a readiness to forgive. – Maya Angelou

My heart blooms when I read Maya Angelou. These words joined together first graced my eyeballs when I was a teenager and stuck with me ever since. As I’ve grown older, I would amend this quote to include a readiness to be wrong.

I am willing to be wrong.

There’s an art in being wrong. To me, not being right is just a form of learning. Many people learn from books, from TV, from podcasts… Some people (dare I say, smart people) learn from the mistakes of others. Learning itself is an entire art form that goes unrecognized and doesn’t get the acknowledgment it deserves. The thing is, being wrong requires a tremendous amount of forgiveness. Being ready to forgive myself for not being perfect and being ready to forgive others for bruising my ego.

Anytime I have found myself unwilling to be wrong, I found a deep sense of entitlement and pride inside of me. In addition to a very real foundation of fear. Fear of failure, of appearing imperfect, fear of being “less than.” This prompts the question: Am I putting all my faith and value in me being right? Does my value really dimish if I am wrong?

I can tell you, that’s a pretty lousy way to go through life. Let’s say I had attended a brilliant university, traveled the world, and went from poverty to riches, there is still a tremendous amount of humanity that I’d be missing out on. There is an ocean of perspective out there that is just waiting to be jumped in and swam in. Every molecule of water would be shifted and changed as I made my way through it.

There is something I’ve experienced in my life which I can’t tell if everyone experiences. So, tell me if this sounds familiar.

There are people that are afraid for me and tell me to avoid trying new things.

There are people that encourage to try new things and support me whether I succeed or fail.

There are people that are protective of me and coddle me as I go through life.

All of these people have a place in my life because I definitely need balance and I don’t always find it on my own. Obviously, the second group of people is my favorite and I flock to them when I’m making big decisions. The third group of people are ok, I try not to let them get on my nerves because I’m stubborn and hate being babied. But the first group of people… I’ve learned that people afraid of many things will always share their fear with you but not their faith.

We should all be sharing more faith. I should be sharing more faith. I want to be an encourager, a safe person, a lover of the Holiness inside of you.

Sometimes, that gets me in the worst trouble.

“Ew, why would you hang out with him/her? They are trouble. Don’t you know they lie/cheat/steal/etc….”

Humans are naturally drawn to the negative. This is for survival, I’m sure. A safety mechanism. Obviously, I’m not exactly running to the homes of serial killers to make a new best friend. BUT, I do think that “loser” you’re putting down is worth some time and understanding.

I could be wrong but… for the sake of a soul, I’m willing to be.

Those are bunnies that appeared outside my Airbnb.
Those are bunnies that appeared outside my Airbnb. No connection to this post at all.
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