I’m off all social media right now and my screen time is down by 43%. Um…wow.


I’ve spent that time obtaining new dogs with defects. I looked out my bedroom window and thought he’d died. This photo was taken and sent to my sister with the words, “omg. did he die.” After it sent, I stared at this body of Gladwell unsure how I was going to explain to the dog rescue that in 24 hours this dog had decided to just give up on life on my patio.

But then he twitched. Got up. And walked inside.

“oh nevermind. hes ok” I sent my sister.

it looks like i threw away a dog in the corner

I’ve been spending a lot of time outside, too. Coppola makes me laugh because he always jogs when we see a jogger. He’s like, “Oh, that looks fun. I will jog, too.” Perhaps forgetting that he’s attached to me and I’m not jogging. So, I started. I love running. Coppola is great at it, too, But Gladwell…. umm… I was mostly dragging him, honestly. He looked happy but he was a good 5 feet behind us the whole time. He has little legs. I wonder if he hates me.

In addition to being outdoors, I am also googling a lot of recipes. Mostly because since I did my budget last night, I’m pretty sure I can stand to cook at home more. So i made this and it was edible. Then I called my mom and told her I was eating something I cooked.

“Ah, that’s so good!” She praised me.

Thanks, mom. Mom’s are #1.

It’s supposed to be burnt!


















Coppola: “I’m civilized, I sit on chairs.” Gladwell: “I can’t see you or hear shit, and I didn’t die on the patio like I tried, so I’m going to growl.”