Author: Vanz

Christian, bipolar, and alcoholic. [RECOVERED 10/08/2017] Hope you’re into awkward overshares about faith, sobriety, and mental health — bc that’s kinda my thing. My story is probably a lot like yours, a loved ones, or a hated ones. It's full of alcoholism and addiction. This led me to less desirable parts of communities: jails, rehabs, and mental hospitals. Geez, it even led me to church. #embarrassing Since getting sober, everything. has. changed. Not just the "outside" stuff, but all the "inside" stuff, too. My life is full and rich, I wake up in gratitude and disbelief. And kinda annoyed. Because listen, I won't sugar-coat it -- Jesus saved me. That isn't a popular thing to say nowadays, I know. So go figure I was called upon to spread this "great news". Ugghhh. [You see what He has to put up with? He saved me from a dumpster fire of a life and I'm over here complaining bc all I gotta do is tell people about Him.] More than anything, I've felt called to reach out to God's creatives: the artists, musicians, and writers who struggle with addiction or mental health issues. Because more than anything, I get it. So, here I am. "...God is closer to me than my next breath. And that’s all I’ll ever need or want. If you think I’m bullshitting, kiss my ass. MY STORY IS THE AMAZING TRUTH." -- From Denis Johnson’s short story “The Starlight on Idaho.”