Hey. This is my internet home. This is where I live. Welcome. Please, have a seat beside me. I have some stories to share with you….


First, you should probably know I’m a recovered alcoholic. My sobriety date is October 8, 2017, and I got sober through Alcoholics Anonymous, by going through the steps in the Big Book Awakening (BBA, for short.) This is NOT the only way to get sober, by any means, however, it is the only thing that has worked for me so it is the only thing I can speak on somewhat intelligently. Despite fighting AA for like, ever, my experience with the 12 steps not only removed the need to drink but restored me to sanity in SO MANY areas of my life. I’m not an AA nazi, everyone is different, so if you hope I say that AA is the ONLY way, um… sorry?

Second, I’ve had mental health issues for a long time. The diagnosis I’ve been given is a mood disorder, bipolar 2 disorder, and honestly, I don’t think it fits me anymore. After years of therapy, psychiatric drugs, and this period of sobriety, the majority of my depression and hypomanic episodes have subsisted. I’ve been off of medications since July 2018 without any significant bipolar relapses. Which leads me to #3…

#3: My faith is incredibly important to me. I am Christian and I attend the Rock Church in San Diego and attribute ALL of my recovery to God and my growing relationship with him. I’ve struggled with many years in finding the words to “justify” why I believe in God and honestly, I’m alive, sober, and happy. That is plenty of reason for me. The people that have known me pre-God and present-God understand God exists, even if they don’t whole-heartedly agree with me or understand how. Which I’m totally OK with. I’m not here to shove Christianity down your throat, just know that I talk about it a lot because, well, that’s what I’m basing my entire life off of and I just truly love talking about God.

Last, but certainly not at all least, I consider myself an artist and a writer. I hate that sentence but at heart, it is my truth. Throughout my entire life, creative expression has been a method to curate my thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and make sense of them. I don’t claim to be “good” or “profound” but I know that I enjoy it and creating things makes me feel whole and I hope you have something in your life that makes you feel that way. That said, I’m in the middle of writing my first book, “Miracles of Madness” which will be finished this year. I’m excited to release it into the world and hope that someone reads it someday, haha.

You will find my blog posts are updated somewhat frequently. I write about life, recovery, faith, adventure, art, and everything in between. Follow me, if you’re into that kind of thing.

That’s all from me. You are always welcome to reach out to chat, I’m here for ya. I mean that.


Vanz, set free